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I want everything. The Romantic Dream.

..Not too much to ask for, most certainly.

But first, an update.

I'm a bad person. (tm) I haven't called Steph since. I have some of her stuff and a Christmas/birthday present to boot for her. I'm such a bad person.

The sickness has passed. Everyone in creation has had it. I got through school. Net and Diffeq were fine, Prof Com is a question mark and I'm pretty certain I failed DD. We'll see when I get my grades back. My car: The waterpump was busted. 500 dollars. *lesigh* More on that later. The porn was my grandfathers...*chuckles*...it apparently was left in one of the apartments he owns and before getting rid of it, he wanted to watch it. Should have salvaged it for nykkit's little sister. ;)

I'm going to get more hours at Roadway over the break. Which is good stuff. Tom managed to scrape up a grand for me over the break as well, with more on the way hopefully. He likes to pay my rent. ;) So that's more work at school. Should be fun. Sides, Aaron wants to play more magic with me. Can't beat that. Just wish I could start buying cards again.

Now, I mentioned waterpumpness...the only real reason it needs to be mentioned again is the segway into the next topic. The car kinda killed my ability to get presents...bout the only person who got them this year was Bri. And my g'rents. I tried to get something for M, but it didn't work out so well. Stupid Car.


CHRISTMAS! Mrowr. Christmas Eve and Christmas...it's snowed. There's probably 5 inches on the ground, with more to come. Me and Bri played out in the roof on it. We've been downloading Christmas songs all over the place and listening to them....oh...and I've made both spiced apple cider and hot chocolate tonight. Now, you might not think that's all that great, but when I mean made...I mean made. I had more help on the apple cider than the hot chocolate (remind me to heat the sugar/hot cocoa/water at a less temp next time before I add the milk and vanilla) but it turned out really goodness. Christmas eve we went shopping..got something for Nykkit and Matt.

Then there was the presents. Didn't do much waiting. They got opened at about 1 in the morning of the 25th. :) Bri liked hers...got her an eyore, lilo & stich dvd, and truffles from DeBrands. I got a book from Sheree (that woman makes me feel guilty. I owe her so much for everything she's ever done for me.), and the rest of the stuff...I got from my mother. She got me a dolphin tin! (there's peanut brittle in it, but I don't like that stuff.) She also got me a dolphin salt and pepper set. Woot. And she got me a light-uppable dolphin sculpture that's..just...*gorgeous. Mrowr. Sometimes, I may say my mother is a dolt...but every now and then she manages to suprise the hell out of me.

You might notice a trend. I love dolphins. Bri asked me why tonight...and while I don't know if I answered her coherently, I know she understood. They're just...gorgeous. Their the cats of the ocean. Free, powerful, elegant...joyous in their existence. Beautiful animals that I hope to someday still yet live and work with in my own way.

I don't know how to sum up today except that it was a dream. A dream given life in the form of love. I haven't had a Christmas like this in...I don't know how long. I really don't. The last Christmas I can remember..really remember...is when I was seven. This one will stay with me for much longer, me thinks. With the company, and the joy...and....


So little words for when a holiday goes the way it's supposed to. So few. Just pure amazement.

Thank you Santa for giving me what I wanted this Christmas. I hope you all have yours the same.

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