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Oh, beautiful day.

Well, not really, it's kinda cold. But! The new version of sema fixes the erroneous updating! Oh happy day, now my icon only blinks when something indeed has changed. Holy schmokes Batman!

Also, do you have any idea how annoying it is to not be able to finish putting together a Lego model because you're missing one piece? I put -everything- else together, around this piece, that I could. But this one still sits there. Taunting me. Well, it and the wall that goes beneath it.

I enjoy RP'ing. Last night I had an interesting conversation in RP with someone interested in Hermetic magic, mostly, and who has some theological bent. He was at my character's bookstore. Bemusingly, my character is secretly a Bali. Most people think he's a Toreador. Bali's worship that which could be considered demonic. It was a fun discussion.

And now, more recently. Damian has two beautiful naked women near him. Silly were creatures who can't keep clothes when they shift. Too bad it's not nearly as interesting as it sounds.

One W2. I need one more so I can do taxes. Oh, the joy. Everyone wish Bri (who apparently has an aptitude with making women good-cry when she's trying to be nice, she's done it twice now in as many days!) luck tomorrow, she takes placement tests for college.

Lord help me.

I wish I was warmer. (I wish I was a little bit taller) Sorry, random song moment. I'm done now. Tata.

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