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1) If you could re-write one historical event, what would it be, and how would you change it?

Bush getting elected? Why should man mess with history...

2) A brand new shiny Million dollars finds its way (legally) into your possession. Where does it go?

250k to my g'rents. Some more (30k) to my debt. A new car, a new house. Stuff for said house. Bank account. Maybe a vacation.

3) Have you ever wanted a pet raccoon? Would you call it Homer?


4) Which would you prefer: bright pink lampshades for the rest of your life or a permanent, slightly annoying facial tic?


5) In your opinion, what is the human race's most redeeming trait, if you believe it exists?


1) Who do you most look up to and why?

My grandfather, because he is wise, helpful, and loving.

2) Is college so far anything like what you thought it would be?

No, but what is. ;)

3) Have you ever wondered how optical mice work? Like, seriously wondered?

Yes. I also then went and figured it out. ;)

4) Would you ever go skydiving?

Certainly. I'll jump from a perfectly good airplane for the thrill...

5) If squirrels ruled the world, would you serve or help the Rebellion?

Well, presuming they were bad to live under: Help. Down with the squirrels.

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