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So this is my first entry. Consider it an artist playing with a new medium. Right now I'm using a client rather than posting via the website. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. The client that is. Not the website. I might even get the unix client and use it -that- way if I like it better. I am almost always bouncing from my unix account at school, so it would be quite nice. Wonder if I could get TF to work as an LJ client. Now wouldn't that be a trick.

As for LJ, I think I'd like it more if I was a paid member. Course, then I'd have yet another thing to sink insane amounts of time into. Re: The creation of a new style to fit my preferences. Just that there is so much 'extra' stuff to be had with LJ that I don't need...Not sure if I want it either. I'd probably just turn it into a lj version of http://www.opendiary.com Well, the plus version anyways. I wonder if the autoformatter for the html will snag that period at the end of the opendiary url. Who knows. ;) (edit: yes, it did. ah well. easy to fix)

So that's all the technical issues.

The others? An online diary. Hrrrm. Talk about opening a bag of kittens (meow. Pretty kitty as my mood indicator. How cute.). My problem is that when I write, I tend to write truely. Now, some would say that's the bloomin' point of the diary. And it is! But see, people don't necessarily -read- a real diary. When you're writing in a real diary you don't have to explain something you yourself knows. Not to mention that if you're feeling X at person Y for reason Z, you don't have to worry that person Y will see it. If you wanted person Y to know, you'd tell them...and if you're writing it in your diary, you're writing it because you just need to get it out. It may just be a bit of undigested potato that's causing you to be X at person Y. Not a permanent condition.

And here's another connudrum. Identity. Who are you online, and whom are other people online, and what do you want all these people knowing about all these things.

Just things I have to think about, tackle. Figure out. I don't know if I'll keep this, but I've never not tried anything out of fear.

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