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I guess it's Christmas Eve...


I slept most of yesterday, on and off. It makes me wonder if anything is wrong with me. I tried and tried to get ahold of one M to wish her Merry Christmas (eve), being that she's in Aussieland..but she wasn't home. So if you read this, I just wanted you to open your present, and wish you well. =P

Killed one mouse, another one running about. Realized that I'm so not organized for this whole Christmas thing. Something I can live with, but I should work on it so I can meet the deadlines, you know? :)

At least, because of my new shift at work, I'll be around a bit more...and as an added bonus, this week I ended up getting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday off. still have to work 11p to 8a on Christmas, but I can deal with that. I'll finally be around on Fridays...I hope this is thought of as good thing...

I knew I had real stuff to discuss, but I all lost it. Been a chaotic few days. But that's okay, I think. I did learn that if you want guy porn, a good way to do this is to masquerade as a gay man on yahoo groups.

I'm gonna go waste some time and poke at s2 some. Enjoy. :)

Oh. I almost forgot. Someone said the sweetest thing to me.

You are what I need when I need you. no more, never less.

More in life should be like that.

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