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I guess social experiments just don't work.

At least not for me. *shrugs*

Some more amusement, as per usual.

"Careful with that (hair bleach). It seeps into your brain and makes you crazy. Trust me, I know this." Tommy Lee

"When it comes to beating or stabbing someone to death, we all become switch-hitters."

Gonna go see LotR:RotK here in a bit, assuming I can rouse Bri up from her slumber. It should be good.

My mind is filled with mundane things. Things like the car needs gas. On the other hand, I'm thinking about weightier issues, like how small I feel when I look at a gray sky and know I'm just a speck gyrating about on this planet, producing little of value besides internal value for others. Ashes to ashes....even furthermore, I was struck by how disgusted I am at what happens to this world...the destruction, the plunder, the raping...and my own very real apathy at it. while still maintaining that which we have found. There are times when I wonder if this information age has done more harm than good, the key to the industrial age that was missed opening up Pandora’s box.

And then I think of grander things, and grander times. Fantasy, and why it calls to me. And the mundane ones. The ones that reminds me that I can have a great life here, I need only choose my battles wisely. :)

Which currently means trying to wake up Bri. And eat a donut. And blow my nose. Life marches ever on my friends, and I should, by now, know my place. It is not a place born out of lack of effort, but a place born of happiness and success, where I have been and seem to fit the best. I need to march to a different tune to find that place again.

Or I need to sleep. Maybe soon I'll stop sleeping away the times when people are about, but I doubt it. Gone are the halcyon days of youth staying up all night...now are the days of responsibility and day-star. Someday, I figure, I'll join the fray. But for now, I walk alone.

...And the darkness shall find me unafraid. Damnit. ;)

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