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*sputter* - Spirit — LiveJournal
Current Mood: sick sick
12 Endings for Lord of the Rings does not sound like a good idea, personally.

Call me weird. Would be cool on the spiffy extra long version later, but....anyways.

School is almost over. Almost. So f* close.

Now if only I felt better. Wish me luck with things...
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wingedpixi From: wingedpixi Date: December 12th, 2003 08:01 am (UTC) (Link)
i would have to aggree .... 12 endings... i mean this isnt clue were talking about... you need one goo screen ending .. save the fluff and dieharde stuff for the dvd release.. anyway

fell better... being sick sux... i know... all last week on the couch ... read all the books in the house.. couldnt stay away long enough to hold a conversation when ppl were acutally around... quite miserable... do be that kind of sick...

drink lots of hot liquids...
tangled_rhythms From: tangled_rhythms Date: December 12th, 2003 08:57 am (UTC) (Link)
*whispers about all the stuff she wishes you luck on*
melydia From: melydia Date: December 29th, 2003 10:55 am (UTC) (Link)
i know this is an old(ish) entry, but i saw return of the king this weekend and i thought the "12 endings" were grand - it's not like it was clue or anything, it was just an unusual way of stringing together all the assorted stuff that happens after all the business with the ring is finished. did you see it? what did you think?
daimones From: daimones Date: December 29th, 2003 01:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was better than Ithought it was going to be, I admit. :) Didn't seem to out of place, though a bit choppish with the black screen, keep going on bit. Good stuff all around.
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