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I'm such a procrastinator.

I'm also bemused :) I spent so much of yesterday asleep. Crazy sleeping time. Got some errands done though, so this is not a bad thing? Spent some time at n&M's...s'nice.

And LJ's false positives on entry updating is beginning to annoy me. :)

But you know what's funny? I'm awake, and nobody (except for 'Da who is the most wonderful graphic artist I know currently!) is up. I swear my girly just...brings...social people into existence. She's like a gateway I can look through but can't seem to figure out how to work the damn knob. And her nipples aren't it, alas. The point of all that being is that she seems to always be talking to people, no matter what time..:P

So. I should finish my project up. But I don't want to. I'm having so much more fun wasting my time online. I was hoping I could find a mp3 of the Pirates cast singing Yo-ho, but alas. It was fun, seeing how that movie took so much from the ride and conception and worked it into a movie. Instead, I guess I let Keira Knightly grow on me, and work on color schemes for my LJ.

Other things I'd forgotten: I hate how cold this apartment gets. All in all, I'm really beginning to dislike this apartment. Maybe when/if I get rent caught up, I'll move out. Someplace with normal heat. No mice. And a bigger kitchen. Storage space like closets and shelves a plus. :P


Wow. It is now almost 12 hours later, and still, I haven't started on my project...I have instead seen the Last Samurai and slept..and again, I have missed all the people. I must add that Tina and I got to talk, and that was good.

I'd like to think I'm a dying breed of nobility, but really, I'm just dying. I thought getting out would help. I wish I could find what would affect my lady. Be it music, or touch, or thought, or deed. Instead, like the Samurai, I try..and fail..and die. I know it is inside, for I have seen it. But can I bring it out....

I need to wake up. And then I need to work.
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