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The big bottle of ketchup.

So I was saying something my outline. I'm certain I've forgotten things along the way, but that's okay. I've got some time to write today, me thinks. I'll be alone... I'd first like to state that having these few days off has been amazing for my soul. God I can't wait till the end of the semester. And now, in no particular order or coherency.

School - Schedule, tests, grades...

Ugh. I got my schedule for the next semester, unfortunately, I don't know where it went off to. :) Should be about as difficult as this semester, which both makes me happy and frightens me. Happy because I like learning stuff. ;) Frightening because I'm worried about being able to work, make money, etc...not to mention actually doing well in said classes.

I'm afraid this semester will not go so well. I've been assured that I will receive an A in my networking class, which is good. I feel relatively confident of my ability to get a B, if not an A in diffeq. But then we have digital design and professional communications. I wasn't worried about ProfComm to start off with, but oivey. I just don't know. Gonna do what I can and hope the teacher feels good about it. ;) Digital design will require a miracle to do well in, though I think I can pass the class. I sound so confident, don't I? Is it too much to ask of the world that I pass with at least some honours?

And then, tied in to my scheduleness of next semester...I've got to figure out how I'm going to make up these electives. I need to get 'em, and if I want to graduate this time next year I need to figure out how to pick up like six or nine credit hours...and pay for it...and ugh.

CC annoyance. (?mci?)

My credit cards were being a bitch, but I finally learned them I was paying. MCI wants money from me, and while they're not a creditor, perse....they can suck me. Those fuckers already screwed me over, and if they want money I legitimately owe them, they can call me rather than sending me a bill for nebulous stuff. S'weird to have my bills under control, cept for rent.

Liz - stuff sent!

I finally made Liz at least a bit happier. She got her stuff back. I wish I had packed it better though. Couple of vases broke and the lamp prettynesses came off. Sorry Liz. The laptop got their in good condition though! Now when can I expect the keys and title to your car, to say nothing of the money you owe me. :)

It's odd, Liz. I realized the other day it doesn't hurt any longer. Weird feeling that. Not that their isn't regret, etc...just...no hurt. I wish you well, even when you annoy me. ;) I don't know if you're heading down the path that will ultimately bring you any goodness, but who am I to say these things. You are focused, and you realize certain things...and this can be good. I wish you would have realized some of them earlier, hell, I wish I had woken up and seen. But alas.

Programming Competition

I came, I programmed, I got my ass whupped. Got there for the briefing, realized the practice problems were old ones, but easy ones, essentially. We played in the environment, programmed two of the three...the dinner food sucked. ;P Went to the hotel, played around there before passing out. A few of the fellow students that were with the group were nice...a couple cute girls at the bar to ogle, but whatever. Next day the breakfast sucked, then we sat down and programmed.

Ow. No problems solved. The winning team got all of them, in fact, there were 3 teams who did get all of them, but timed submissions and penalties determined the winners. Then the dinner that announced the general ideas behind the problems...the dinner sucked too...then we left. Me and Tom had some good conversation on the way back to keep ourselves awake.

Nothing like a competition with bad food and hard problems to humble oneself and perhaps make you think about your chosen field. ;)

Thanksgiving (mom - ice-skating - bond)

Thanksgiving with my mother was actually nice. I went, I helped my mother cook the rest of the dinner by doing the pasta for her. Mostly cause I'm a much better pasta cook than she is. ;) Then when dinner was done, my laundry started...we ate, and watched James Bond films for a while..then ice skating..then more Bond. Bond is fun. ;)

That leads very well into my statement that Sean Connery is the second best bond, but Pierce is just better. Function of age and class. Sorry y'all. Though mostly all the films are good, no matter the Bond they use....course, it's been a while since I've seen all 20. (now 21?) or whatever.

And more on movies:

I miss watching Disney stuff. I miss the music. I miss the animation. I miss the...whatever you call it. The childness of it. I don't know if Treasure Planet is Disney or not, but it sure looks pretty. =) So I've been riffling through my Disney CD's and getting the music off and watching the movies as they take my fancy. ;)

You go Aladdin!

Oh. childness. Talking about pedophilia with Harry potter characters in the same discussion that people are talking about which LotR characters they'd sleep with...is scary. Maybe I just don't think the same things at movies, cause I almost never go. 'Ooooh, I want her.' or whatever. Usually only if Natalie Portman is involved, and even that is a function of the gorgeous wardrobes? and is slowly waning. It's very odd. Cause it's disturbing! Or something. Maybe it's mostly amusing, and my anti-funniness is showing through.

Mmm. Star Wars. Probably will wait to buy all three DVD’s for Ep1, Ep2, and Ep3 till they come out in some kinda of package deal. Don't know yet, though. I borrowed Ep1 and Ep2 and have been watching all the special features, playing with the Easter eggs, and am enjoying it. It's sating my Star Wars love. And there's lots of it, let me tell you.

Oh, by and by. I got a DVD/VCR player again. That's how I can do this at home. So now my stereo and it are hooked up to a lil TV. Someday a TV worthy of admiring will also be there, but I've got something serviceable for now. And it was a good gift too. (the TV.) The player is my gift for my birthday and Christmas to myself...hopefully I can stay away from buying DVD’s. ;)

And I'd like to say Thank You to the people who prepared my Birthday Surprise. Yes, I was an ass about some of it, but...don't lie to me about things that involve my worry and concern for individuals, and I'll be much better. On the other hand, all the little mysterious pieces did finally add up. =) The presents that I got were good, including the Christmas ornaments...but the best present was having people around, even if there was a bit of tension due to certain people being around each other. But we all had a good time, and I was immensely grateful.

Interestingly, Steph still hasn't said a thing about Bri. It bugs me. A lot. Then again, Steph lately *has* been bugging me. And the worst part is that I feel like I just..changed. I don't care for her the same way, and I still love her, but I'm not in love with her..and I'm not certain when this happened. Maybe the relationship that was meant to be casual finally bothered me enough because it wasn't. Maybe her personality is grating finally? It's like I dread it, cause I know I'm going to break her heart if I don't figure out what's going on. And then I still may break her heart. But what else do I do? I cannot ignore my own feelings. And you know that if you avoid someone kissing you...being near you...blar. And it doesn't help, this long distance crap.

And I say that Bri doesn't have everything to do with it, but like certain other situations in my life..its true. To a point. She was like a catalyst that accelerated the process. And the mere fact that she *is* a catalyst opens up a huge other bag of goodies.

She moved in now, not that she wasn't before, but I'll see her more now that the boy that brought her up here in the first place went off to the Airforce. The situation between her and he is...tense. But there are flashes of such..joy. So I make sure that she, no matter what I want, does what she needs to do. I just try to keep the hurting down to a minimum on all sides. I've had other conversations with people...and then the one I had most recently with someone I treasure deeply just..re-affirmed certain things. In some ways, it'd be nice to talk to said boy, but I'm not someone he'd talk to. Even less so now, which is a shame. We still seem to get along though...

I told her all of it. That's the beautiful part. I didn't hold back, and it went well....so now I have to just...be what I am. The rock. There is more to this story, but I apologize to you the reader. My heart is a delicate and secret place. Future stories will tell out in future time.

But at any rate, no matter what happens, she's here for a good while. So now she wants to get curtains and cleaning supplies and...just...I dunno. Help out. In some ways she is even more interested in cleaning the place up and helping out and providing direction than Liz was...and it's weird. Different levels of girlyness all around. But it is most definitely loverly. Soon I need to go Christmas outing with her and get the place ready for a Christmas tree and lights and...everything. And I need Christmas music. God I love Christmas, really. ;) It's been suggested I have a theme tree, even. Dunno how that'll work out, but I'll start to see if I can make it happen.

So that was several outline points all wrapped up into each other: A few random ones to wrap up.


This is an insane idea, but a cool one. I've a couple of friends who tried it with varying levels of success and readingness. Maybe I'll post links to the friends whom I know who did their own stories eventually. ;) Maybe next year I'll try it....scary thought. 50k word novel in one month...whoosh.

Friends. :) (gaming)

I'll miss the vampire sessions we had going on in the group. I think next is D&D, which means I'll just go back to being a lurker, probably. Hanging out is just as cool, cause we all manage to find something fun to do even if it's just movies, video games, talking....trying to explain us is hard. we just work. :P Interestingly, Tom (the teacher/friend) here at school was asking me if I knew of anyone who'd be doing some gaming...hrm. :) Don't know if our schedule would fit his though. He's married, two kids...enh. :)

[23:28] Mondet: hrm....I think I’m gonna leave that moral dilemma alone..I'll just settle for fucking hot

James, on whether or not him having the *points at icon* original good Jeff picture was nice or mean. ;) I may not be gay, but its still nice. *grins*

cars. ( cold)

So. Yeah. It's getting nice and cold and snowy, which is good for my mood in some cases. I like the cold, I like the crisp air, the crisp skies, the fresh feeling of things about to be reborn. And I know this is just the first kiss of winter, not the dead of yet...and I can't wait.

But I have to be able to get around in it too. Not just enjoy it. And my car is being a bitch with it being cold outside...not to mention I think the car has internal issues with heaterness. And have I mentioned that it could *Really* use a set of tires? :) I'm gonna go see if that's just my imagination and the slipping and sliding is because I'm a bad driver, or if it really is a problem.

When I'm going to do this with all my daytime hours *snickers* is beyond me. But I’ll manage, I always do. It also needs its checkup soon...

And hopefully, unlike M's car, it never believes I'm trying to steal it requiring a new ignition switch. God that was annoying and frustrating. And double for her, cause it's her car and she had to pay for it. The comic amusement was the answering machine message on both of respective parents machines. But hey, Nykkit got to see M again, and Bri and M got to meet. They'll do more of that when Scotty (M's boy) is up here before M ships off to Australia and all will be goodness.

The only other car story to report is that I'm going to go to Georgia with Bri to get her stuff. That should be fun. I get to meet Ma and Pa! Woo.

And finally done with the outline. Weeeehoow. gonna have to go to work here soon, pick me up some extra hours during the month of school breakness.

All in all, no matter what you think, or it may seem, my life is going pretty good. And it's nice.

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