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It's a party!

There's people here. Like, more than one. ;) Of course, I'm upstairs, because all of a sudden I was like, 'Eeeh. People.' I think I need time to come to terms with the sudden knowledge that my woman is out flashing people and getting her picture taking and not telling me. She's also now part of Robby's collection. Rar.

I'm not upset or anything. Well. Not -now-. Not much. ;) I was a bit miffed when people were like hiding the picture and then Bri took me aside. You can't really see anything...and I do want a copy. ;)

Okay. The loud greetings and the high pitched squealing. I'm almost glad one ear is stuffed up painfully. I hate my ears, I hate my sinuses (oh spellcheck, do not fail me now. Or maybe it's sinus' which isn't spelling, it's grammar. Oh bother.).

The cider is good. I'm chipper and bouncy and keeping up the good public face of joy. And making people laugh. Although I annoyed Heather when I linked her and child-like together. ;)

And I got to be the first person to taste Matt's meat and pronounce it DAMN TASTY! It will eclipse (eccyeccypoo!) my lasagna in its turkey goodness, but I must bow to the whims of fate.

And the sounds of people singing waft up from below, and I am afraid.

Pictures are being taken, and I will receive copies if I have to beat them out of people. Which might be fun.

A new person arrived. She is Mike's new woman. Her name is Lorissa (sp!) and she asked me who I was. I said, 'I am Jeff.' Her reply: 'Oooooooh.' Me: 'My reputation proceeds me and I'm doooooomed!'

Ah well. I got a hug from Erica out of it.

I should keep a running commentary of events. I am mentally equipped to do this, but not equipped in any other sense. So I will forget, and all will be lost.

And now, I think, I will rejoin the madness in stealth and in ninja training.

Or at least in hunger. Christ. I've been up ... for a really long time. Since 21:45 last night, I think. And that on 5 hours of sleep. And now sleep in sight.

Maybe I'm just sleep deprived. I can't believe it's only 18:00...It must be later.

Musn't it?

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