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Did I mention I had an interview?

And it was good. Waiting. Very hopefully. This job would double what I make and be doing quasi real computer stuff. I'd be the IT guy.

I should also apply elsewhere, but this job has some great benefits...here's to hope.

I was so hopeful that I went out shopping. And then wrapping up stuff at the g'rents house. Also had my g'pa walk me through tying a tie again. I needed a refresher, I'm so sloppy, cause I get so little reason to wear one.

I need to eat. I need to sleep. Need to figure out why my nostril hurts so much. Need to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow and why I would be doing it. It's been a good day, and I want to share it...

"..and her face took on that curious look of pain that every man wants to give his wife."

"He had been through this twice before, both times young, pretty nurses. Being grumpy only made them all the more eager to be overpoweringly nice -- they had time on their side, time and patience enough to wear anyone down."

"Nurses, he reminded himself, are tricky." <--Tricksy Nursesssssss.

"The last woman to be executed [at Tower Green] was Jane, Viscountess Rochford, 13 February, 1542."
"What did she do?"
"What she didn't do, actually. She neglected to tell King Henry the Eight that his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was, uh, amorously engaged with someone other than her husband."
"That was a real historic moment. That's the last time a woman was ever executed for keeping her mouth shut."

"I did not survive thirty-one years as a professional soldier by being so foolish as to get involved in domestic disputes."
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