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My head hurts.

Interview set up for Thursday. And then another place...I hate writing cover letters.

Don't really have much to say, just putting a few quotes down.

Oh. There is one thing I have to say. Pixikins...you are wonderful. I needed that reminder.

"[She] made the proper noises when [his] hands found the buttons. He got the message, but his fingers were clumsy. Annoyingly, the buttons were small and in those damned fabric loops, but behind the buttons and the fabric were her breasts, and that fact ensured he would not stop."

"And besides, she thought with a suppressed giggle, getting pregnant beat the hell out of jogging as a form of exercise."

"He was good at this, always had been, from their first nervous time, and at that moment, she'd known that he would ask for her hand...after he'd sampled the other parts."

"It wasn't his size or his strength, not even the bravery he had shown. It was his goodness, his gentleness, and a strength that only the perceptive knew about. Her husband was in some ways ordinary, in others unique, but in all ways a man, with all the strengths and few of the weaknesses."

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