Spirit (daimones) wrote,


Well. In the spirit of testing, this is an email post from work. I
don't..quite..feel comfortable enough abusing the internet connection to
post, but somehow, I can rationalize this. I wonder if there's a way to set
mood or music...Anyways.

My day has been good, up till work. And it's been a long day. I don't even
remember what all I've been doing. I do know that I spent a wonderful night
with Bri, curled up, watching a movie and talking. Also seem to remember
doing dishes...but I think my 'days' are blurring together. I really very
rarely have any idea. So yeah. I think dishes were before the sleeping
period that lead into Sunday. So. It is now Sunday in my recollection,
spent Sunday doing the above. Then things progressed into the evening of
Sunday, what most people would call Monday morning, and we went to a coffee
shop down the street to get tastynesses before we parted ways for the
morning. It was a wonderful way to spend a day. Thank you. (And you, you
know who you are: This day had been one of those wonderful moments.) I
really can't quite explain what it did for me. And I won't even qualify it,
because I refuse. =)

So. School then was boring and pointless. Although amusingly, the classes
roles were reversed. Normally SysDes&Anal is the useful class, WinNet
isn't. Anyways. The time between classes was spent in the useful process of
resume updating/sending out to Job. (Who called me and left a message on my
answering machine not an hour after I sent my resume, I think.
Unfortunately, I did not find this out till I got home later. Must call the
beer distribution company that wants a network admin. Benefits of this job
could be good..:) I also picked up Erica, took her to the apt, met up with
Bri. They went car shopping, and even more traitorous, they got food. I'm
starving. Haven't eaten...Just got offered King Gyros for lunchness if I
wanted any. And I do, but I need to conserve on the money. I assuage my
conscious by saying, quasi-honestly, that I don't know what they serve and
how much it costs.

So. Yay. They went Car shopping, I went to WinNet, then I met up with Bri
and Erica after I had got my paycheck and cashed it. Oh. I forgot. I got
a car appointment for Bri while I was enroute to meet the Bri and the Erican
together. Then, Erica to work. Then I went mall shopping...had to get my
mother a gift, wanted to get the rest of lego's. (Thank you Erica for the
kiosk discount!)

Just in case anyone is wondering? JCPenny's is an evil, evil, evil store.
I won't relate the evilness in its entirety, but...EVIL. Pretty clothes for
the Bri. Suit prettiness for the Jeff. Must conserve money. Want to spend
$200 on a suit outfit (and I could. And it would look DAMN SEXAY on me.)
And then I'd like to add a casual sporty suit thing...and a fog coat.
*lesigh* Never mind, I'm dreaming I was rich again. Someday I will have
class and style. Or be rich and be able to buy it.

So. Got sweater for the mom, lusted...left mall before worse things
happened, like my willpower broke. Did get an idea for Christmas for
someone though...

Got home..passed out. And here is where the suck begins. I slept *right*
through the alarm. (or it didn't go off.) The details are fuzzy...woke up
when my lead at work called in to see what was up. I haven't showered, I I
feel nasty, I haven't eaten...

And you're right Bri. It wasn't your fault, and I'm sorry. No reason to
blame it on you. I was just grumpy and in hurry at being late to work...

And then. To make matters even more amusing. There's a section of road
along Broadway that is blocked off. And it's a section *NOT* easily
reroutable. RAR.

And now I'm playing with email posting at work. I got to put together the
lego's I bought at the mall...I now have the entire mini collection that I
had set out to get...*lusts for more*...and on my lunch break, I'm going
home to hold my Bri, and shower. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to eat.

And the realization that I have to be up till noon?

I want to cry.

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