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Your soul is worth £4513. For your peace of mind, 94% of people have a purer soul than you. <- Lesigh.

dream: haunted house, big attic...lots of death in attic. was only person to get out...now is annivesary and me and ajayme are back...exploring because investiagtion was unstasifatory...lots of ime spent at wednesday though after iitial romp.

That was a note to myself that I'd forgotten I wrote. It was about a dream.

Some quotes fro this guy uller: The first I'd like to think of as applying to me. The second is just true. At least, I think so.

I'd describe myself as optimistic but mostly pragmatic, occasionally poetic, often introspective, open minded but still believing in a couple of universal constants, slow to anger and too quick to forgive at times, almost but not quite a perfectionist, and easy to please with silly simple things. I believe that we should live our lives and chase our dreams with emotion, tempered by experience and common sense. Just call me a walking contradiction.

"I remember being young, in school, being told that our bodies would yield enough carbon for 2,000 pencils and enough calcium for 30 sticks of chalk, as well as enough iron for one nail. What a weird thing to tell kids. We should be told our bodies can transmutate into diamonds and wine goblets and teacups and balloons."
- Douglas Coupland, Microserfs

And, uh. Thanks. Sometimes y'all make me think I'm in the wrong place. *snuggles*
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