Spirit (daimones) wrote,

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And as a cherry...

I redid the laundry. Got pulled over by a cop.

Realized I really wasn't wanted as evidenced by nobody bothering to try and call me, leave me messages, or even include me on what the fuck was going on.

Was going to do dishes, found out the lady is coming home and would like to do something, and I'd only be a hypocrite if I didn't go. So, we go. *peers at bank account worriedly* No clearing of the checks on the Monday before I get my paycheck, you understand?

And there is one nice benefit of scheduleness. I'm going to an early matrix showing after school. I'd skip class, but I can't skip this one. Woo. Though it almost seems sacrilegious, for some reason. After a movie like the matrix, you want to go out into the night...
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