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I've been onslaughted!

Ran over. Smooooshied. All because WotC released another M:tG subset named Onslaught. I don't buy cards, but a friend does, and he plays his new cards against my old decks. It works out pretty good. And the set looks really nice, even if the art isn't as up to par as some of the other. He made a couple of decks just to play with the new cards, not really designed to be 'good', but one of them isn't half bad. Silly part is that it's an elf/beast deck that he thought sucked. =) The fun part was that I managed to get my sleighride deck actually *working*. I mean, not that it doesn't work, but it doesn't normally work this spectacularly. It happens rarely. But when it does, few people can stand in its way. =)

I'd like to state the I hate driving in the morning because all the morons are awake and driving. My god. It was atrocious. And that because of my own sleepy stupidity, a 2 hour errand trip became 3. I treated myself with mcdonalds. But my bank account is fuller for a bit, and my mother will be happy.

Things are looking up for me, school wise. I'm *finally* getting caught up. I'm caught up in digital design (tho only for like a day. ;), I'm caught up in everything else, and it make me feel good that finally the work and the sleepless nights are paying off. Maybe if I can keep it up, I'll be able to avoid the sleeplessness.

Oh, Cygwin's XFree rocks my little, freeware centered universe. And the biggest reason I've been chasing after it? LJ. :) Tho, a good xwindows server that runs on windows in any enviroment is horribly useful.

Well, off to the last class of the day.

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