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And on a slightly more upbeat note.

Something I had forgotten I wanted to say about Halloween.

When I was out and about and driving, for some reason, it was neat to me to see all the people dressed up, both young and old alike, mixing, wandering, trick or treating.

For some reason, the atmosphere reminded me more of what Christmas 'should' be? Everyone helpful, sharing...

Especially when it began to rain. My mother tells me there were more trick or treaters after it finished pouring down, but I wouldn't know..I was going to work when it started. (it being the time when people began to do this sort of thing) and I watched as people huddled under umbrellas, in one case a cape, porches...people sharing these things with no worries...

I don't know. Maybe it was in the rain.

Maybe there's a lesson to be learned from it.

Or maybe it's all just Halloween.
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