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It must be lets be depressed night.

It's a weird night, for sure.

Thanks, Halloween.

Minus one mouse....I need to kill them all, the fuckers.

My schedule is changing, again. 2300 -> 0800 M-F. Yay.

I think. At least I'll be able to 'sleep' in a chunk...problem is going to be sleeping in the day, I think. At least, I'll have less transition time, and more time to do stuff. Yay.

I had stuff to say, I really did. But I don't anymore.

So I think I'll go back to beating on PHP. Which is an amusing story, in and of itself I love dictating the direction of a class. Yes I do. Cause I'm obviously smart.

Oh. I think I got flirted at today. I said: 'Can't have everything you want.' She said: 'Maybe you can't.'

We were talking about web development before she ended the conversation with that.

And I was just told my firealarm works. I don't want to burn to death, so that is good.

Uh. Bad TV.

I want a costume. Alas.

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