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Stupid Sema. Or is it LJ?

I just...have you ever wished there was something so intrinsically fascinating about your own life as to make it worthy of poetry? Of notice. I don't even know how to say it. That subtle something that is both memorable and awe-inspiring while somehow being real. Of wishing you were this..thing..so that you could bring those feelings, those attachments, into your life?

I do. I want vindication. I want to be fascinating, to lead a life and be the type to draw others in.

And here I set, in my own self-imposed solitude, searching. How silly can that be. To avoid what you want by searching for it elsewhere, where you know it cannot be found? They call it self-defeating, amongst other things. It even has a scientific proof. Exclusion. Set theory. Remember that unification crap I've been thinking about?

There's a fine line between thinking you know a thing, and knowing a thing. Sometimes what is real is not what you think it is. Embrace it with open arms, and realize that there is no spoon. To fight is to know.

But who's to say.
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