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Just so y'all know, I made Bri get a ghetto hair color, and I'm so sorry. We're down to thinking an infusion of white power will be the only thing to fight it off.

tinarobin: I don't trust your head when you start thinking like that
daimones:: I don't trust my head for the most part period. Damn thing has got issues.
tinarobin: join the rest of us. it's a select club. we're called the human race
tinarobin: we meet at the local bar on Tuesdays

Daria tells you 'I want someone that will cultivate the perfection I want, not demand it.' <- Wise words.

Languid-Sexy....You rock the messy hair and crisp white cotton
sheet. Your idea of bliss is a day spent in
bed with your lover. There is nothing wrong
with that, though some people like to leave the
bed at times. You're a total fox, even if you
are a hedonistic bum.

What's your brand of sexy?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sex is like math. add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray you don't multiply!

So. Yeah, I should be developing a php session class because I'm cool. Well, I'd like to be cool, anyways. The reality of it all is that I'm not. :) But I'm learning coolness as I go.

Questions for ye who care, an opinion.
If you had to play in a RP world, given a system, would you rather use the world developed, and all the sourcebooks, metaplot, crap, therein? Or would you rather be in an invented world that share similarities with the system, but is not the same?
Reason I ask is that I'm percolating ideas for a campaign through my paranoid mind. If anyone's interested, an opinion would be loved, if not..well. Go on then. ;)

Oh. Did I mention that I completely failed a test ( with a 0, I was completely unprepared!) but that the teacher said I could retake it on Friday? And that I have midterm tomorrow as well, that I'll probably end up taking with no sleep. But it's open notes. That should be fine. And I think open book too. Just not open past tests.

I really don't have much else to say. Crap. Have to remember to get in Pentacon stuffs. So much to do, so little time.

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