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I hate Airforce boys.

"Your body is malt, honey, cream, cedar and all things sweet and smooth, and I love you always." -> I love you Bri.

"...there was nothing like a graphical animalistic rape of a lovely girl to work up an audience."

"So they made love despite being tired, and it was as if they remained young and passionate, despite being in their mid twenties."

"I never met an assassin yet who brought his children along."

"It looks like you've been attacked by a tablecloth from a really bad Irish restaurant."

"Entirely too Mafia princess. I know you live in Brooklyn, but still."

dreamery: my apartment, I and Bri were making love..then we went to bed..when we woke up, it was like waking up after a really bad party...strange things all around. At first we're like, 'What happened to Erica?' .. 'We think she went home and slept with mike in a trunk of a car.' then nykki came over and started to threaten to give unwanted advice, so we told her to shutup and just let Erica be. if she wanted to sleep with a boy in a trunk, then so be it. nykki then used all sorts of big words that nobody understood as if we were supposed to. Then the alarm went off.

So not only do I have to worry about one airforce boy wanting my woman, but two. Fuck off you fuckers! (did you know that Fuck is a valid word but Fuckers is not? I love spell check.);) Serious...grr. I could go on and on, but won't, because I've happier (you'll laugh reader) things to talk about.

Anyways. M, if you're reading this, you need to tell me if you ever saw the samurai cow. Thank you.

On to the meat of the show. I've been thinking a lot about death lately. My own mortality. It kinda sucks. I tell you this with complete seriousness. I am -terrified- of the inevatability of death. Read that carefully. I'm not terrified of the being dead part, though that too really sucks. It probably ranks #2. But the fact that there is nothing you can to do to change it. Nothing.

And I don't know why I've been having these thoughts recently. A couple of times I've just asked Bri to hug me, for no reason, were because I wanted reassurance that I had something there...life. That warm gushy feeling. Even been thinking about children and marriage and...just..stuff. This whole social interaction thing that we humans were supposed to get such a kick out of. I'm sure some of it has to do with all the happy people I know with their childrens. Grandchildren, children. It's all the same. But Sheree's happy, and I think Tina will feel much better about herself with her grandchild...especially with all the other sucky stuff.

So I wonder what sorta of effect that would have on me.

Oh, have I mentioned I have gangrene on a finger, and that I have a hand that's been hurting for no reason for a while. Much lil ow, though the hand has been getting worse...wish I knew why.

Sheree and Pixi both now read my journal, I think I even managed to convince Pixi she needs one. *wiggles* Who knows. Need to fire off that email. Need to talk some more to Cindy, if I can...and I also need to talk to Lisa. Poor Lisa, she must hate me for not calling her Friday to go out. But I just couldn't. School work sucks. I even have more. Stupid project due in 6 days. Guess what I'll be doing....

And you know what mostly sucks about all of this? I never get to do anything. Not really. This work and this school and this lack of real job and this lack of ... proper schedules? means I get to do nothing. All I get to do is bitch. Taking pentacon off to RP...get some good rp in, I hope. I'm in desperate need, considering my complete lack. Also taking the December 16th off of work for not only will that be the end of finals for me...and hence, my FREAKING GRADUATION!...but! It is also the day that there will be much joy of lord of the rings to be had.

And I will reap the benefits. Though I wonder if I can get Lisa to do a dress by then.


Anyways. I'm done rambling. I really should nap, but I foolishly bought Matrix Reloaded for 15 dollars at meijer....
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