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Pineapple bits for me. - Spirit — LiveJournal
Pineapple bits for me.
Current Mood: drained drained
Disappointed is empty and knowing there's nothing to fill it. Knowing that you've lost and it doesn't matter.

Skipped class today. One wasn't an issue, but I still haven't been to my personalities class since my test. Should work on that, I suppose.

I also suppose I need to eat. If I had anywhere to go before work, I might, but I don't. Don't want to start on my homework either. Don't don't don't. Blargh.

I wish I could keep that stupid good-mood high of accomplishment. At least, really keep it. Maybe even live it.

At least I caught up on my comic-ness -> "I warned her about books rotting her mind! I tried showing her gameboys and television but to no avail! Curse you, enticing pretty coloured literature! Curse you!"

I need a good book. Yes. Which means one of two things. I should finish stuff at work. Or two, goto the library. Or three, fix myself up on bookcrossing. or 4, do my homework, read my stuff, get good grades and further wallow in my complete lack of life or anything fun or seeming importance to the world around me at large.

Or not wallow.

And Bri did nothing.
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