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At least I have candy on my desk.

Most of today was an 'accomplished' day. I got stuff done. Got a new toy, a 128 meg flash hd in a stick. So cool. Presented my presentation, got complimented on it. Need to get resume updated and forwarded to teacher. Need to think seriously about GRE's for grad school. Need to figure out how I can do grad school.

Got paid. Useful for paying for 5 a.m. grocery trips cause you..just..can't sleep. Can't stop thinking. I enjoy grocery shopping. Maybe this makes me weird. I really just enjoy shopping, but I don't have the extra money to really..shop..the way I do at a grocery store at a mall. It's sad.

Catching up on renderotica.com, perusing vibrating technology. I dunno. I think I should sleep. Watching too many people react to stimuli badly and you know you just need to shuush and let them be.

I had...stuff...but it all went away. Nothing horrible, really. But who knows. I never have enough time to do allllll the things I want to do, and thinking about it makes me go blah. :P

Anyone want a 3 musketeer?

"I discovered that Jennifer kept a careful log of every time we had sex. A little heart went into her desk calendar on those days and a little star next to it the time she had an orgasm. I learned how important those stars were and eventually how to get them."

"It was a long conversation in abstract terms that amounted to: Do you want to have some hot, random, meaningless sex? Me too! Afterward, I set a course to do this again as often as possible."

about penis ennui: You're not through with men. You just don't want them stripping naked.

The longest that women we polled said they've gone without sex, on average, is 8.6 months. Men: 11.3

46% of women feel a good night's sleep is better than sex, 32% of men concur.

(about dating ex's) We used to call it "licking the chocolates." You know when you get a new box of chocolates and you lick them all so other people can't eat them? It's so unfair.

Not that we're being so honest, let me hear some of the best lies you've told. -- "Yes, your penis is beautiful." -- "In high school .. hooked up with a guy who had a water bed .. messing around .. foot got jammed between mattress and steel reinforcement. It killed, but I didn't want to move because I was having my first orgasm. When I woke up, my tow was broken. I told my dad that while I was out at a club, a fat girl stepped on my toe and broke it."

"we have to talk" - the four most hateful words in the English language.

"skirts and cell phones - the only things were 'mini' is better"

"(toys) are fun to play with, but, call me a curmudgeon, I'd rather have sex."

Some of the 50 most seductive things a woman can do:

"Three words: Little Black Dress."
"Be herself - unless she's boring, in which case, be Christina Aguilera." (Editor's Note: The spellchecker suggested Uglier for Aguilera. This is funny.)
"Wear flip-flops and a sundress. That gets me every time." -- Junior high school teacher (pedophile?)
"Answer the door in her lingerie. Welcome home!"
"Be honest. Tricks can work short term, but for real passion, you both have to be willing to take risks and open yourselves up."
"I think it's sexy when she calls me the next morning."
"Put on her makeup naked. My wife does this every morning, and it's like a half-hour celebration of all that is beautiful and sexy about her."
"Not wear makeup. It's very sexy to see a woman confident enough to go natural." <- Rar says the editor.
"...There's something about the graceful arch of a delicate, well manicured foot balanced on a not too high heeled shoe that is incredibly sexy." --A college Prof. (students, anyone?)
"When a woman with a husk, sexy, voice says your full name carefully -- savoring and enjoying each syllable -- there isn't a man alive who can contain himself."
"Lick an ice cream cone." -- MBA student (see that Prof. lately?)
"The sexiest thing a woman can do -- or a man for that matter -- is express helpless desire."
"Eat a banana. Definitely."
"Whisper something naughty in your ear in a crowded public place."
"Walk around in a thong and I might even want to vacuum." -- Football player. HAH. Boy's got maids...

15 things every woman should try in bed at least once:

"Something that requires batteries."
"Pretty Woman sex - no kissing."
"Stopping in the middle. No guilt allowed."
"Stopping just before things get unstoppable. Drinking some water. Taking a shower together. eating a granola bar. Starting again."
"Sex when you're sad. But only with a man who's honored that you'd cry in his arms."

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