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"Nerds are far more interesting humans in later life." - Alyson Hannigan (she played one on TV for years!)

"It's good to get on some tight pants and scream once in a while." - Angeline Jolie

So I've had an up and down day. Mostly good, though. And I can't really pinpoint why. I've been procrastinating on my projects, I'm flat broke...but enh. :) There's also good things, let's see. Cindy and I are talking on a regular basis. This is a good thing. Cindy is very special to me, and always will be. No matter what happens, or what time passes, we just pick up right where we left off. No pain, nothing. And we share everything with no fear of shame or rejection or worry about what the other will think....I don't know if its because we can practically read each others minds, but whatever it is, it's nice. It throws in sharp relief my relationship with Elizabeth (Liz). Now this is another Liz. Not the girlfriend. Most of you know her as the 'stripper'. A horrible way to know her by, but its very distinctive. The reason I say it throws it into sharp relief is because our relationship...oi. Liz and I have know each other since the summer of 7th to 8th grade. That would be...93?...10 years seems to short of a time. We've never been...no, that's a lie. We've always been close. I don't remember why or how I got to know her. I met her at, of all places, church. She was very pale...with beautiful blue eyes...she reminded me of a vampire. And that's the 'meeting' recollection I have of her. Heh. The first girl I ever wanted to date was a vampire freak...then I met Liz who I thought looked like one. Very surreal. Anyways. We've been close, but not...there...for each other, in many ways. Our lives follow very divergent paths, but she knows she can count on me to help her out if she needs it. I know I can count on her to be there if I need to get away. She's never been a good listener, but that's not how our relationship works. We just are, and it is comfy. But after a long period away, when we come back...always for a short period...we go through a re-getting to know you phase. Always changes. And as we've gotten older and wiser and more mature, that phase has reflected those things as well. It too, is not constant. So it is very weird.

And you might all be wondering why I brought that up. Well, I don't think I mentioned it, but she called me up the other day and was like, 'hey. me and my new boy are having a party, you want to come?' And I did. And I went. And it was good. Bonfire, grilled food...a whole bunch of people I didn't know cept Liz. :) I met people though, and amusingly enough, the 'smart' people I met were the strippers. *laugh* We talked math (both liz and amber are in school) and philosophy and religion and stupid shit while the other 'jock' type men drank beer (not that Liz and amber didn't. In fact, I was the only one not drinking beer. well, wait. Liz drank pucker shots.) It was good times. Also nice to feel smart because I can do algebra. *laughs* See. I said very divergent paths, but hell. :P Someone asked me what was the highest math I could do and I answered, honestly, differential equations and engineering statistics, probably. They're like, 'What's that?' I really had no idea how to tell someone in basic terms what a differential equation is. 'Think algebra, but with variables that aren't constant.' *shrugs* Good times, even if I did stay out too late. Feel kinda sad that Liz is still technically married to her husband. Prick is still fucking around for the divorce. She knows she probably won't ever get to have custody of her children, but at least they know she's mom. Fucking asshole. Grr. :P She just wants to take care of her little girls.

Anyways. So. Compare and contrast!

My car is being stupid, but at least the 'feed me oil bitch' noises are gone. Still waiting on the lights. Apparently I have a blown socket on a light that needs complete replacing. Yay for pocketbook! Hoping that between what I put aside this week, the relative non-paying state of next week...that I'll have enough money for my car and for my g'pa and maybe even groceries and a bit of fun stuff. Like Underworld (music is okay...). And maybe get to this Nirvana. (The store, though getting to Nirvana the religious state would rock. Much like Teen-Spirit. -badabum-) Who knows. At least the Johnny Appleseed festival was fun. Got me a homemade apple pie (I'm hungry, maybe I should indulge...) wish I could have stayed longer, wished I had more money. But Bri was feeling claustrophobic and the place was packed. More packed than its been in years. Makes me almost wish I'd be back into SCA (even though the time periods are completely different) because reenactment is fun at a certain level. ;)

I think we'll end this long ramble with a note about work. Apparently there's someone with enough clout to have a *possibly* real IT project started up. There's three of us, and while I don't want to toot mine own horn...I think I'm the best choice for IT manager of the three. I got them to realize the beauty of storyboarding...and we talked about things we would need both technically and organizationally...and who knows. It could be very good. It could also be a waste of time, but they are paying me (and who knows, it could not be a waste of time, and they could get a bit of cheap IT work out of me.) The idea of course is that if it is real, and works..and we do get this resource management (mainly employee stuff) off the ground, I'd land myself a real job. At the very least have a *real* farking example of what I can do. Sirva is a big ass company. And if I could say, 'Yeah. I developed, implemented, and maintained their Employee Resource Management system,' that would so rock my resume.

Anyways. All wishful thinking. But Tom would be proud, I think. :)

Oh, it's fun to do even a bit of RP. I've got a new mage char on a talker that when I can get the spare time to play with will be fun for an outlet for certain desires of mine...and Case is fun to play even a bit with online until/when/if I can get into the TT game that the lj grouped spawned from. Besides, it's all virtual interaction anyways. Ah, VA's, how my heart pitters. That reminds me of two things. One! nykkit: can I get a list of changes you made so I can make an order of Hermes template for bri? Or can you do it....Two!...Pentacon is here! yay. Happy memories all around, and this year I think I might even get to go. I even see games worth going to (Lianez has some Mage games that sound good. Really!), not just the dealer tables that suck money from you in droves. There are some good workshops, and even some good guestage (Ed Greenwood, mostly).

So. Need to plan ahead. Oi vey. Where has my time went. ;)

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