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At other times she would cloud over, turn away, and hold him away with her words. He'd realized months ago that he felt like the girl in their relationship, which made him laugh and the same time it made him furious. He was determined to make her trust him, not just with the fragile length of her glorious body but with her heart and mind.

Is there more lore about people getting whacked by strange things up in space? .. A chicken and a piece of paint, those are the best stories I know of.

There's a lot of people who want me to get out of acting and want me to run for governor. I think it's mostly movie critics." - Arnold.

The board reflects the kind of misery one might find on a typical day at Shock Trauma: MVC/car vs pole, GSW x2 chest, GSW to buttocks, saw vs head, pedestrian vs truck, MSW to back.

Shock Trauma is not a place patients can visit and keep their pants; every pair gets cut off. Then everyone gets the "trauma handshake" a finger in the rectum to check for spinal injuries.

..had had at a hospital in Europe during World War II. "These men, one swipe of the knife and the belly was open," he says of the surgeons he had seine in the war. "Not like us, going through layers at a time and stopping the bleeding as we go. They'd slap on towels, do it bare-handed. Quick as they would get down to the guts, they'd put on a pair of cotton gloves so that they could hold the bowel without slipping and sliding. They'd do their stuff and they were finished. They were so good and so clever, what would take three hours in America would be over in 40 minutes."

One nurse lives on a farm and names her cows and pigs after people she works with; when the animal goes down, she brings its meat to its namesake and says, "Here's your dinner." No one seems to find this strange. -- On the behavior of people who work at Shock Trauma. :)

Not long ago, a man was rushed to Shock Trauma after being stabbed in the heart and liver. As one physician put it, "He was really trying hard to die." Doctors opened up his chest immediately, sewed up his heart, and gave him Factor 7 to stop the bleeding. He went home a week later.

The bandages look like graham crackers. ... With this stuff, big gaping holes in, say, the liver become little more problematic than a stubbed toe.

"I'm probably going to jail anyway," to which the nurse responds, "Yeah, you probably are."

...a female crack dealer, shot in the face while wearing an 8 inch dildo (saved) -- talking about people they save irrelevant of their situation.

So, uh. Yeah. I had stuffed I wanted to talk about, more random observations in life, frustrations, and joys....

But it's up past my bedtime, so it'll all get lost in dreamy sleepy. Or what *should* be dreamy sleep. I'm a bit too awake.

Oh, click here for some bitchin' boots.

Oh. This quiz is useful. http://www.malevole.com/mv/misc/killerquiz/ <- I swear to you.

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