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Oh, yes. Archived dream.

Started at school, playing with girl. Got in trouble, skipped school. Found an abandoned abortion clinic with little memorials on it, and found what looked to be a really cool lighter. "Well, isn't that sweet." stole it, but it turned out to be a strange squirt gun. Kept getting it all over me.

Dishes are done, mouse attempted to die in stickydeath, but got away. Christ, I want real death. At this point, I don't care if it's mousey vx-9 pellets. SUFFER. But die. Okay? You could live here, hell. I'd even give you food. If you'd stay off the girly's foot, not dart, and use a litter box. But since you'll do neither...see above.

My leg hurts. Off to drink more juice, damn pineapple for settling. remember this kids, if you ever get pineapple juice of any sort, remember to shake it before drinking. I'm serious. This isn't a joke.

Now, the real question is, should I get out of their way...what do you think?
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