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This that and the other.

It's hopeless, I know.

M, pretty cello music in the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack.

Having to think like another person takes a lot. Hurts.

Hungry now amongst other mood traits that rage unabated. Very tired. Should sleep. Been a long day. Mowed the lawn, finally. Got laundry done.

Forgot to mention, got Spyhunter and FF Origins over the weekend. Fun for the entire family. Or just me.

Am a bit abrupt. Will sleep as soon as music is done, me thinks. Eat too.

Found out I get to play? in a mage campaign soon. This is uber joy. Uber. Maybe I won't be so cutoff.

Not sure how I'm going to find time to get ready for school, much less survive during it. I'll manage. Probably go insane.

Bri goes to bring Matt's stuff to him and say goodbye tomorrow.

Weee. I don't even have any quizzes.

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