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And Hungry. Strange that.

Re-reading entries and not remembering the impetuous for them.

Unbounded enthusiasm running into the reality. Ah well.

A little thanks, to those that offer words. I'm sure that should I ever be around to share them, we can.

And a bit of envy goes out to Brad whose had an amazing trip, but whose looking forward to coming home and enjoying all things American. (go you. :) A hope that one M enjoys my present and realizes its a way to say I miss you. Glad things are looking up for Kate who threatened to be so lonely but whom I knew would find something to keep her time. ;) And to Beth (enunciate your phone numbers!) and both Laura's, I miss you all. And Good Luck to James. He deserves it. ;P

More dark gothic fiction of warhammer eyecandy for me now. Then shower, then work. Rinse, wash, repeat. Maybe tonight I'll find out if Bri's coming home.

I feel like a TV show. "Dark Thoughts, Banish!"
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