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I don't expect answers.

Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Maybe my dreams are just so weird that I'm off kilter...

I spent like 1k in tickets in my dreams. To go see a bike race. Then I found that I couldn't go and the tickets weren't refundable. I offered the ticket lady person a date to Los Angeles if she wanted one. My job is fucking with my head?

Lucky bastard. I hate you. I wish I knew what it was about you that's so damned appealing. Maybe, as has been stated, it's the violence and blame that I court and accept that is the difference. Probably. This morning I wonder why I try so damned hard when I lose at every pass. Well, except the ones that matter cause I happen to be a warm body.

God I'm bitter and cynical. In other news, the dishes are almost done and I thank you from the bottom of my lil black heart for it. It was nice. Now off for the days errands, which include paychecks, giving of money, fixing the mothers computer, school paperwork, giving of summer school books back, and playing about with video games.

Oh. I have a CD-ROM drive for my computer now. Yippie. I think I can't really use it lest I put the computer like...downwards. Needs a new case I do.

Blag. And my throat is sore and I feel sick too. Somebody shoot me.

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