February 21st, 2009


This may be important.

I got a job in Indy. Yes this means I have to move. Anyone got a couch or anything I can crash on starting March 3rd?

P.S. Suggestions on where to find decent houses to rent that are in the NW side of Indy are welcome. :)

P.S.S. I got my second computer up and running again. I even managed to get all the necessary data off the old hd on it. Thank you Joe for suggesting I try Helix3. In the end, I didn't have to do anything fancy. I was playing with the tools, and the linux side has a very graphical HD space analyzer thing and a hidden system folder had a large amount of data in it .. turns out that my lost folder was in there. Took me a while to get another windows install to see the folder, and even longer to get it to give me access - but hey. :) And then let's not talk about me forgetting to make the new hd an active partion so it would boot...:)...or how many 'fancy' things I tried that didn't work...
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