December 16th, 2007


The first real snow of the year (season?)

We're at like ~6". I vote for more, if only because over-estimation is better than under.

Of course, at 6 a.m., nothing, and I mean NOTHING was plowed. They were just starting to get to plow out main street & St. Joe hospital...Not even the highways or the ramps.

My little blue car did so well. Sadly, I did not give myself quite enough time to get a shower after I spent an hour digging out my driveway. Be interesting to see how the return journey is, if the street is still snowed in, blahblah. Speaking of which, I should go move my car now that they've got this lot totally cleared.

There is an upside to my messy tired wired self being at work today tho...the CEO of my company hand delivered food to me. A hamburger place called Culver's - the hamburger is actually really decent - the fries would be better if I had ketchup. Beggars what?

P.S. Snowdrifts around your car are awesome, but not quite as awesome as being able to hammerfirst my hood and snap ice off in feet long chunks. :)
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