January 4th, 2007


The world on any given day

day_on_earth is really neat. It went through some growing pains, but now that its a bit more settled it's not bad at all.

It constantly amazes me what people will attempt to do given a medium and an idea. Livejournal isn't perhaps the best way to do this sort of photothread, but then again, I'm not sure something like flickr would be either.

Anyways. You can see some good stuff in there, both mundane and grand. And it constantly reaffirms one thing to me. I will live near an ocean before I die.

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*comes out of psuedo-sci-fi-philosphy mode* Sorry about that. :)

P.S. I bought a new mouse (the old one, it brokes), it is nice. Except for one thing: The middle mouse wheel is not as 'clicky' as I'd like. And for the first time I'm wondering if I should have went wireless. (shhhhh - I know, I never said I'd do this thing, but the mouse is sensitive enough the cord drag is actually *noticeable*!) Will I ever be happy with my input devices?

P.S.S. Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep.
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