September 29th, 2006


Oh, ar pee, how I miss you.

I was thinking about a character of mine, Case, today. Got me thinking about RP in general sense. I miss playing with friends.

Also, in that general thrust. It's amusing in fiction to see parts of my fictional world appear. Nice to know that I wasn't the only person to a set of facts into the same sorts of conclusion. I could probably get rid of americaupstairs, it never got used over much and I'm not the type of GM I wish I could be.

At any rate.

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And now, I suppose day 12? of work. In which I seriously wonder when I'm going to find time to do my laundry. And figure out a way to eat healthy. :P

<edit>I have as of now, 12 locked entries. 4 are private (and only have 3 comments amongst). The other 8 are RP-related to Case and contain something like 382 comments. They're part of a chain that includes 6 other entries that themselves have 165 comments.</edit>
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