September 19th, 2006


TV on the Intrawebs.

I just got done watching the first episode of Heroes which you can kindly watch through Yahoo at:

I must admit, I r intrigued. I enjoyed the not so subtle mention of x-men actually since that comic and this show obviously share a background. Be curious to know what the network plans to do with it (the theme) though and more specifically the show.

In other news, if every day at work goes like this one did, this next few weeks won't be so bad on the work front, at least. Tho I'm very quickly beginning to despise outlook even more than I already did. :P
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Pirate day.

Today is Talk like a Pirate day, apparently inspired by Drew Barrymore. But mostly amusing is the little LJ recognized pirate things. Like the different LJ icon on the main page, the dressed up frank, the reference to Drew Barrymore in the LJ site comic...And I'm sure there are probably more and will continue to be more.

Mostly, the wench known as minsies; to her I wish a good day as pirates always make me think of her for reasons asundry and laundried. Also, notable pirates are the cat from the last unicorn, Jack, and Westley.

Who else and what else do you see and remember that is pirate like this day?

Me, I could wench and talk like one at work, but I like my paycheck. Also, I'm likely bad at it. Speaking of that. I should be in my bunk.

Wonder if the WoW buccaneers will be out in force today after the reset (at least the ones who aren't getting screwed. ;)

ZOMG. Check out the LJ friend icon. EYEPATCH LOVE.

<edits>Edit captain's log, friends are mateys, community lists are crew members...<edits>
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