September 7th, 2006


Multipe reasons.

Firstly: Training goes well enough. I rock the job, tho already I can't help but think to myself: Why the fuck do we waste our time doing <insert stupidity here>. However, I'm positive nobody will care or listen to me. In an amusing side note, we lost the other trainee. He quit. Honestly, I saw it coming, or at least wondered how he'd do. Why they hired someone who has ABSOLUTELY no tech background was beyond me. What this may do to my schedule, etc...remains to be seen.

Secondly. I don't often trumpet political views here, or even psuedo political ones. But that being said, I think Ze says something toward the end of his broadcast about 9/11 that I think is powerfully true: watch if yer interested. Keep watching him if you'd like, he puts out new broadcasts fairly often. arafel_sidhe turned me on to the fella, and while I don't do much other than watch his shows (the site has a bunch of silly/stupid) I find him both intelligent, well spoken, funny, and worth wasting a few minutes of my day for. :P

Thirdly: M. I miss you. Happy Birthday, if you see this. I'm pondering trying to get a couple weeks off and visit Australia to see you and bemocked (if she'll have me). Well, if you'll have me too. :P Chances are, I'll even remember to email you and ask since your LJ use is....*listens to crickets*....

Fourthly: I actually finished a printed book for the first time in god knows. yay 1 hour lunch breaks. However, wtf did they do my Dragonlance world?! War of Souls? Fourth age? Chaos war? Geezum pete.

But, the authors did come up with Mina's song. And I ♥ it.

The day has passed beyond our power.
The petals close upon the flower.
The light is failing in this hour
Of day's last waning breath.

The blackness of the night surrounds
The distant souls of stars now found,
Far from this world to which we're bound,
Of sorrow, fear and death.

Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love; forever sleep.

The gathering darkness takes our souls,
Embracing us in chilling folds,
Deep in a Mistress's void that holds
Our fate within her hands.

Dream, warriors, of the dark above
And feel the sweet redemption of
The Night's Consort, and of her love
For those within her bands.

Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love; forever sleep.

We close our eyes, our minds at rest,
Submit our wills to her behest,
Our weaknesses to her confessed,
And to her we bend.

The strength of silence fills the sky,
Its depth beyond both you and I.
Into its arms our souls will fly,
Where fear and sorrows end.

Sleep, love; forever sleep.
Your soul the night will keep.
Embrace the darkness deep.
Sleep, love; forever sleep.
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