August 11th, 2006



New job for me.

And tinarobin, those 3 paygrades for me apparently equal about a 60% salary increase. :P (okay I did the math and get 66%, but hey.) The loots. It rolls in. I think I will get a new t-shirt to celebrate.

P.S. I'd like AC please, thanks. I've always found it amusing that I have a light switch that is cross linked somehow to downstairs so it'll just randomly pop on (bedroom light) and that I have 2 (maybe 3, but I don't use it) outlets that are apparently linked to downstairs. And they've been non functioning since last night. And it was the light not working, not the AC, that caught my attention. Ah well.

*points up* look, I said more about AC then I did about the job. Honestly that's because I don't know much yet other than that I got the job and that the position won't start for at least a week, if not more. :)
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Self to note.

When working on code, do not. I repeat. DO NOT. Delete. Old versions.

Because now I'm stuck (okay, I could figure it out and recode the damn thing) with this new linkbar. :P

Ah well.

edit: to illuminate. new linkbar to add tracking icon. Was trying new code thinking I'd be 'lazy'. New code is not easy to move the icons around due to nature of population. Figured out from new code how to go back to old code and insert new icon. Realized I had copy-pasted *OVER* old code, saved things, etc,etc. Dumbdumbdumb.
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