July 27th, 2006


Just one of those days.

I spent most of the day going 'I should be doing something' but of course I wasn't...

So I felt pretty blah. And then I took a shower, and of course, even the water pressure wasn't with me.

And then I went to go help my mother...and get my laundry, stop at the library...

Of course I forgot at home some of the stuff my mom wanted, so I may go back there to drop them off yet.

I still need to get my glasses fixed. I keep forgetting they close at about the same time the rest of you all get off work. :P

Tomorrow I think I'll do that. Or try. As well as go see Miami Vice. Or try.

edit: I read this review of Miami Vice, and it had some scathing things to say about Colin Farrell. But my favorite line from it was this: The actual operating budget for the Miami police department in fiscal year 2005 was around $100 million, a good $50 million less than the reported production costs of "Miami Vice." In a microcosm, the things wrong with our society.

Speaking of movies, A Good Year is the type of movie I'd rather read than see, but it looks good. Pretty sets, good actors, etc. Little Miss Sunshine isn't my cup of tea, but the trailer ends funny. :) In a better note, The Black Dahlia has a neat trailer in terms of presentation, and the movie seems like it'll be good. The directors previous titles (scarface, untouchables) don't hurt my opinion either. ;P

I like Will Smith and I think The Pursuit of Happiness will help his career, as long as the script isn't bleh. It gets him out of the blockbuster role.

I need more information on Transformers, Iron Man, 300, TMNT, and The Fountain before I can decide. The Covenant looks cheesy, but honest to form. :P (boys who wish they could have superpowers and get hot chicks grow up, write story about it, but add special effects and the wisdom that growing up into the real world and getting the script approved was hell!)

Oh, and let's not forget Ghost Rider. I never knew Nicholas Cage could be so...weird...in interviews. Good actor. Interviews are not your forte sir. :P

Right. I said I was going to do stuff...
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