February 16th, 2006



I was in a house. I was with caiata. Somehow she managed to figure out that the coffee was a diabolical plot to kill people, that it really wasn't coffee. Something to do with the grind. Guess that stuff matters. ;) Then we escaped. That back to my parents house, where my mother was glad to see us alive (how did she know we were in danger?) and then realized somehow a freshwater squid?! was loose and the cats were playing with it?! so she put it on the desk. It looked interesting so I put my head on it?! and it made this -horrible- squealing sound.

I woke up and nearly flung myself out of bed wondering if a squid was eating my head.

I'm not really awake yet. Not sure I want to be.

Self to note: tag all dream entries that I can find. (tho if you the reader get bored and find dream entries, you're welcome to tag them for me)
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