January 19th, 2006


Meh, Thursday already.

Tuesday was Laura didn't feel well day, and Wednesday....

Jazz didn't happen. Instead, we wandered (for free! tho I suppose that's normal for her) CMU's art and natural history museum. There was a special exhibit about bog people there that she wanted to go see...I really enjoyed it.

Then we ate at this neat pub-collegey place. I had good chili, and she had a pizza that had pototoes on it. And looked tasty. Then home, TV, and I somehow managed to pass out. At like 3 in the morning, I woke up and went, 'wtf. How did I get to bed.' I hate it when I do things like that.

Declined to go play with chemicals today. Had vague other plans. Was fun to play in a lab. Laura works with some friendly people. I realized that I'm a geek when I was looking at the wafeform that a bunsen burner was generationg and wandering what the equation would be to generate such a neat effect. Hence why I decided to go computers and math instead of science.

Time's passing too fast, but I am definately not one who has good time management skills. So, off with me.
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