January 17th, 2006


New Vista's.

So, I arrived safely. Who needs such paltry things like sleep? The drive was pleasant and went by fast enough. The cellphone I'd borrowed from my grandparents didn't work out. I couldn't get it to get service. I hope my godfather isn't mad at me...in fact, why don't I go email him right now...allrighty.

So I arrived and remembered immediately why I like this city. It's so pretty! There's all this water and bridges (Laura says the only city that has more bridges is Venice) and buildings that sparkle...and as a side note, I even recognized where I was. How astounding. Heck, I even stopped at the same gas station...but I suppose that makes a certain sort of sense. It's a shame it's a bit cool outside yet, I'm certain I could make a great adventure of just roaming the city for no reason at all. As it stands, vague wanderings with end destinations in mind will probably have to suffice. And the 'culture' here is different. Or rather, more cosmopolitan than I'm used to. Fort Wayne, for all its 'size' isn't really a very cosmopolitan city. I like this more. More on that later.

Not entirely sure what all is going to be happening, and really, that's pretty irrelevant. I'm glad to not be at home. And having the company of my beloved pixikins is definitely a plus. Currently she's at work and doing strange things with chemicals, but I'm sure later in the week that'll be me too. I just have to get up early enough to grab a shower before she has to leave and I can go ruin all her lab experiments. Or just wander the campus. I'm sure there's things to see there too. :)

I like her apartment. It's cozy, maybe even as small as my place...but with more open floor space..and definitely more storage. Cabinets aplenty (and organized too), closets! She has the coolest chair-thing. I know it has a proper name, but I don't know what it is. It's just cool. Then again, so is the ambient air here. No walking around without socks here for me. My toesies revolted early on and demanded I break out the warm socks. I wonder if the fireplace works...:)

We went out to eat last night (M, their selection of Chai products would have immediately enchanted you), and I got to see how neat is to have most everything you could need within walking distance. A bunch of different shops, all sorts of them...theaters, banks, restaurants of every possibly ethnicity...buses to take you nearly anywhere else you might need to go? I could get spoiled. Not to mention a lot of people in my age bracket just wandering about. Another weird thing. ;)

I'm so provincial. There's the vague idea of dessert and live jazz on Wednesday night, but other than that its an open book. Iffen anyone needs me, email me...I'm sure I'll be updating with randomness as I go along.

Oh, random #1. For those of you who liked Morrowind, the next one is coming out. Oblivion its called. Go look it up, and if your bandwidth can take it, download the videos. Filefront has a 100meg? 20 minute long preview thing that shows how cool the game looks. It's supposed to come out later this year, and I'm looking forward to it.
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