September 13th, 2005


Fuckit, I can't sleep anyways.

Someone better look at my WoW links and post some sort of feedback, or I'll be very sad. :P 1.7 came out today. Should be exciting. Oh, did I mention I hit level 60 with my rogue? Yeah. Goal accomplished. Now the dreaded 'end game'. Oh, and since I'm done with that pesky leveling bit, I'm going to start to see if I can get in some 'cleaning' time with me and my apartment. Alt-itis has yet to set in, obviously. =)

Okay, now with that section of the post out of the way (I almost always do the link parts first)...

Let's see. Starting to talk to an old online friend a bit again. It's not like we haven't talked in years, but for whatever reason, seems like we're talking more now. S'kinda nice. Worried about hisdaffodil. I'm sure tho, that no news is probably good news? *crosses fingers* Waiting for bemocked to come back from NZ with pictures of joy. ;) Had fun surprising wingedpixi. note to reader: I like making random wishes come true. Things on sale make this even easier. Had fun surprising ecchikun with generosity. Also, even though he's the devil for introducing me to Hecatomb, it's not his fault the game reminds me of magic in a good way. =) I got a couple of decks and starters so that between the two of us we could play 'our' cards for fun. When I got decks, I also signed up for a tournament league thing, we'll see if that goes anywhere. It also was because I was in a stupid good mood that day...more on that later. But at the time, I was like, 'You know, people aren't so bad.' :)

Right, so I suppose it'd be best to start at stupid good day. I finally got a hold of Lisa. I haven't seen her all summer, or even heard from her. Wondered if she hated me. :P So she invites me over on Wednesday (I think). Not so unusually, she was asleep when I got there. So I read, knowing she'll wake up soon enough. She does. She's surprised to see me curled up on her couch with her dog while I read. :) It's like 9 at this point? She says she wanted to clean the pool today and could I keep her company. I offer, that if Kenneth has trunks around, I'll do more than keep her company, I'll help. (Andrew moved out, for those keeping track.) So I spend the next 2 hours helping clean the pool and talking. Which was good, cause the water was much colder than Lisa was expecting. She thinks I'm crazy for just jumping in. :P Play with puppies. Lisa grins conspiratorially as the time hits 11 or noonish or whatever. Disappears inside saying something about 'lunch'. I know better. Her two daughters thence ambush me. Apparently that day was to be early dismissal and Lisa was to keep me there (and keep it a surprise) at her daughters bequest. The daughters also come with their own clan of male friends, which doesn't surprise me. Lisa ordered pizza. So free food. =) Puppies. And teenagers. And a pool...Not a bad combination. I spend some more time outside in the sun reading. I've got a nice'ish tan. I forget that I turn a nice gold when I tan. Least I think it's nice. Lisa falls back to sleep around 4? (her work and meds are doing a number on the poor girl...) and most of the kids have disappeared to their respective sport practices, so I boogy feeling much better about life. I feel more at home in Lisa's house then I ever did at my own. It makes me feel alive. Course, some of that is my own isolation...I am not a complete isolationist, and being accepted into Lisa's 'normal' life is nice. It's really kinda hard to explain. Good to be a part of something 'mundane' but 'breath-taking'. There's a sad tangent I could go off on, but I wont. I'll just note for those who think I'm too cryptic: It involves an ex-gf, not sharing the feeling of belonging, and wondering if that feeling is part of 'why'. Cause I've said before that I really liked being around her family cause it was 'comforting'. So not returning the favour (cause my own isn't this way, for reasons I don't know that I can explain.) might have been part of it. I obviously thought about it, but as I said, the sun continued to shine.

Oh. Then after I boogied is when I surprised ecchikun and got my Hecatomb cards. While I was in the shop, I ran into an old acquaintance from my days of Magic who told me I shouldn't be a stranger. That combined with general fuzziness from above is what led to league joining. I remember how much a sense of belonging I got because of the group I played magic with. I may have been Darryl's godson to most of them, but I was still there, and got to share in the lives of these people...To say nothing of how much growing up I did. :) Or was forced to keep up with these older than me peoples. ;) So who knows. Speaking of gamers, I feel so out of the 'gaming' loop. That being said, watching the PA videos about the expo and such make me miss the 'life' as it were. Course, watching the stuff about GenCon did too. (and reading stuff about both, of course.) They are different subsets of gaming, tho they do collide. :)

I'm also seriously considering joining a gym. I can't do any of the martial arts classes (without trying out another new art) due to my schedule, I checked. But a gym I could do, and I need some form of activity. I don't do enough, I think. (re: sad tangents). I know there's 'stuff to do' as in camping, hiking, etc. But not so sure I'd be content doing that sort of stuff alone. Almost donated my tent to Red Cross when I gave money, but didn't. Figured that even though it's been used all of like, twice, it can still find some love. :P Need to get good running shoes. Blade more. I refuse to just do sit-ups at home. :P Anyone have any suggestions on things I should look for?

And on a final note: Sleeping isn't getting any easier these days. cept if I'm at work. :) Ah well.

And oh! Feeling jealous when you have no right, and are not expecting to feel jealous is weird. :P

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