August 1st, 2005



Do you remember Captain N?

okay, where to start. I'm tired.

I'm thinking about going to a concert on Thursday. Crossfade and Seether.

but mostly this post is to say that little boys who push little girls off moving vehicles and into gravel by way of face, and cause them to have to pick stones out of face and jaw and gums..and break a leg, and an arm and chip a bone or two...suck. (lady's daughter at work.)

Must get card and some sort of gift for little girl.

Tiffany put in her two weeks notice at work. That sucks, cause she's the only other person who does 'my' job. And I like her. But she's getting married and moving (supposedly. and not necessarily in that order). This could be interesting to see what happens at work. Oh, and I got called incompetent by a client cause he expects us to know his business as well as he does. But we don't. So sweet. Fuck with me again, and I'll route all your train loads to fucking Timbuktu asshole.
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Thank you people.

It was nice to see you all come out of the woodwork.

Mom was fine but shaky. She went home and I have to take to her to her normal doctor tomorrow. She says she feels all right now'ish too. Supposedly seizure was triggered by day 5 of migraine. Her neck was very sore. ER doctor thought very little of chiropractery. And my mother doesn't get sick to morphine, which she's never had before. So yay?

I got her flowers. she liked that. They're colorful sunflower wannabe's.

My neighbors woke me up. Ugh. who needs to sleep?

P.S. *loves and hugs to all of you*
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