June 22nd, 2005


Again, upon request.

First off, if you're listed as a friend, you have free rights to add and edit tags at random as you see fit. =) Tell me what you think of the layout I've come up with for tags, if you think anything needs to be done. I don't mind it, but I'm always up for fine tuning. As anyone who knows how I play WoW knows. Lord. *fiddles with add-ons endlessly*


Now, I may not ♥ Vin Diesel, but he's not too bad. That said, he's going to be starring in Hitman and SpyHunter. If you've been around me for a while you can't help but notice how I love assassins. And you can't help but notice how I love all things spyhunter.

So. I look forward to these both. Oh yes. I do.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, iharthdarth a lot. :) And really, that just leads right into this wonderful tidbit: "So a guy sees a pirate with a steering wheel in his pants. And he asks the pirate 'What are you doing with a steering wheel in your pants?' And the pirate said 'Yeear it's driving me nuts.'"

More geek store-age: http://www.purepwnage.com/store/indexint.html & http://www.cafepress.com/wow_wear/

OH. And speaking of geek (tho a different sort). PopSci. I love that magazine.

This article on the Titanic is the big one. The full text article in the magazine is much more interesting and informative. I really don't know that I like any of the what is going to be done stuff. Company that owns salvage rights wants to strip the wreck and raise if it they can, though they know they can't feasibly. The guy who discovered the Titanic wants to clean the hull of the rusticles that are eating it and paint it with the stuff they use on oil platforms to keep them pristine so that the wreck will be preserved. I don't like either solution, though I don't mind the salvage company taking things like suitcases and champagne flutes and staircase pieces away for the museums as long as they leave the main wreck there. But then again, if nobody does anything there won't be a wreck for anyone to see in a few generations. Just a sign, 'Titanic was here :)'

Are you a laptop user? Want plug in play security for those wireless networks? kensington.com's personal firewall is a USB device. Plug'n'play. Kinda neat, though I wish I knew more about the specifics.

onetech.net's eclipse computer light is something I'm thining about buying. save me some eyestrain, I think. Might even be good at work!! Heaven forbid. Or woe betide. :)

You all have been subject to my glowing computer fascination, so this will come as no surprise: http://flexiglow.com/ makes me want to buy things. :)

And while we're on useful computer accessories, I want to find a store that sells something like the belkin.com nostromo speedpad n52. It's hard to explain it without taking a look, so. Go look. I want to find a store that sells something like it so I can see if it'd be as 'comfy and useful' as it looks.

And while we're on weird things, how about this. A record player that uses layers to play your records. Get yours today for the price of $15,000 USD. :)

Funny quote from caiata on if she had gotten the new version of YIM: "oh god no I haven't, I went through so much trouble just to get a version where smileys were disable-able, I don't want to find out that in the latest version EVERY MESSAGE must be accompanied by some little yellow fucker with a shit-eating grin" It made me laugh.

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

I really don't feel like adding cuts today, so you'll just have to deal. I have RP stories for my two WoW characters brewing in my head, so expect those soon'ish.

Not much else to say really. Glad for alythe, she's engaged, and she deserved happiness so much. Not to say her mate beowulfalive doesn't either. :) Congrats to them both and may happy follow them FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! Speaking of, FireFest? :)

I keep meaning to start to write a quasi serious auto-biography on my life. I wonder if that'll someday get started too. Hrrrm.

Instead of starting it now, I'll just say the other day I got to wander my old boyhood stomping grounds...wandered by my grade school and middle school, both of which had a lot of kids running around. Wandered into my high school since it was mostly deserted. Janitor saw me but didn't seem to care that I was ambling for no reason. I'm still up on the walls. Well, kinda. Not me, perse, but stuff I helped win. Academic Decathlon stuff. Kinda makes me glad, though in a couple of years, it'll get rotated off. Unlike sports, which runs back into time immemorial. :P I wonder where they kept all of it before they added on the sports wing that they did. I don't remember, but it had to be somewhere, cause it takes up all the space! It was good to wander. Poured water into the memorial for the two boys who died in my junior year of HS, who were part of my class. That was also the year Andre died. He was a sophomore. A car wreck, and a gunshot (I think). What a waste.

Anyways. You know what they say, you'll never realize what you had till its gone. I miss high school for what it could have been. Not to say that I didn't enjoy what I had, oh no. But...
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But I don't want to!

I hate being a good grandson sometimes.

My legs still hurt from when I woke up screaming with a dual charlie horse (one in each leg, calf). it's been over 24 hours. STOP ACHING. Stretching is tricky, I can feel the muscles start to twinge...

Meh. Someone suggested I should have someone rub my legs with warm towels. Sadly, I'm all out of leg warmers. :P That aside, I still felt awfully lonely after I drug myself from dream pain only to find out that it was caused by real pain and not dream raptors (too much WoW). And after I had managed to get past "OW!" and finally rustled up enough willpower to get my spasming legs onto the ground and walk...

Anyways. I'm blithering.

Point being I don't wanna go do the lawn, but it's been two weeks.

Meh. -trundles off- bbiab. Who needs to sleep.
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