May 12th, 2005


Organization post.

This post is mostly for people here. This Friday for RP, we are most assuredly down 3 people: bri (who will be gone for an undefined amount of time) , n, & m. To hopefully avoid last weeks franticness, are we going to be down anymore? Do we want to do another movie night? Stay at home? What is going on. =) If I don't hear from anyone, I will call you all and leave messages again!!

Next Friday I will be at work and unable to GM, obviously. =)

Also, next Thursday, ecchikun, I am looking to go see Star Wars roundabout noon'ish. Again, due to work, can't do a midnight showing, but if you're up for a slightly later show? (anyone else who reads this and who wants to attend is more than welcome to. ;)

And just a heads up. Next week will be a good week if I smile more than half a dozen times. I presume most of these are going to be saved up for star wars. I just can't imagine being happy next week.
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Boyish Glee.

Instead of buying a Lego AT-AT at Toys R' Us with my gift card like I had wanted to do, I bought a Clone Turbo Tank. It's almost as cool. Toys R' Us have apparently decided to stop carrying the AT-AT which is sad.

You may go back to your regularly scheduled program. *I* am going to play with Mace Windu and his purple saber. ;)
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