March 26th, 2005


If you wanted to know what I do on Friday nights...

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These are the people I have spent countless nights, weekends, weeks...moments of my life. Some have seen me in the very darkest moments, and some have seen me in the light. Some have known both, unfortunate saps. =)

P.S. quinby and watcher_shadow, I haven't forgotten you. You just weren't there. :) But they two have added their fair share of good times. ;)

This group has been a constant in my life for so long, in a few permutations of the above (the notable missing is alythe, and indeed, she is very notable. ;) that I can't imagine us not doing this! I know eventually this may not be true as life take us apart even further...but I hold out hope anyways. Thank you all so very much for enriching my life and being my friends and doing all the things that friends do.
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