March 14th, 2005


You're looking at me in ways I don't understand, but can't say I don't like.

The above quote goes to the ever so quotable melydia. And no, I won't tell you why I said it. :)

Some guy came into work to get something and he had his wife with him and I hear some stuff I'd never heard before...that bath and body works is sticky and oily? And the scent doesn't last? Can yonder women answer this accusation?

Also, for you caiata, internal monologue whilst at work: *shuffles along carpet* Thinks to self: I feel like a zombie. Except zombies hold up their arms. *holds up arms for a moment, drops them* blah, that requires energy. I need brains to have energy. My brains are fried. I have no energy.

Zombie M makes me nostalgic. Which brings me another nostalgic moment that well, again maybe only M would understand. I used to work at Papa John's. For 3 years I did. Good times, all in all. I haven't really been to one for any length of time since then. Today, before work, I stopped to get pizza. I was in there for a while, waiting...and just remembering. From 16 till 19 I worked here, though I only worked at this particular location (Coldwater) for 1.5 years. Like any food service job, it was hell, but aside from one or two notables, the people were great fun. Especially on slower days. ;) Like say, a Sunday dinner rush. What amused me the most is that while the processes hadn't really changed, nor had any of the decor sans promotional material, the people were all different. But it gets better. While the people had changed, the roles they were playing hadn't. The manager was still a portly fellow who called stuff out at the end of the line. There was a cute bubbly blonde who was the phone/carryout bitch. The tall (handsome) dark guy pounded the dough. The pimply young guy answered the phones. No camel-jockey drivers tho. But still, the stupid driver, the girl driver, somewhat overweight...the stereotypes go on. And it amused me to no end to know that I was part of that. And that it hadn't changed. And that I could still do that job if I wanted to. Heck, being a delivery driver isn't half bad as far as jobs go. :)

Sadly, I still couldn't smell anything. =) And the pizza was damn near perfect, not only from a consumer point of view, but if I'd been a higher up management sort, I couldn't have faulted them at all. Impressive!

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So, for those wondering. I had a wonderful time with wingedpixi. You see, she only lives about 4 hours east of me. My biggest regret on the whole trip is camerage. I forgot to take mine, so you are bereft of her dressed up in the neatest textured outfit with some nice bitch boots. :) The restaurant we went too was damned tasty too. Great food, great service. Hrm. Let's see, what other highlights. I got to see where she worked (makes magic!), got to see the campuses (Pitt and CMU) a bit. Need to get inside the pretty church and that big tower building. Cathedral of learning! Love walking around the town, even when its cold. The little old shops and old townness always intrigues me. I lost a toothbrush to a small dog who realized a toothbrush is just the right size for her to destroy portably. And of course, shopping. I also slept incredibly well, and though I want to blame her bed for it, I also realize that it might have something to do with getting up when I want to get up and going to bed when I'm tired, not needing to force myself to any schedule. Saw two movies as well, one at her house, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear?, and the other, Constantine, at the theater. They both deal with the Spear of Destiny. Amusingly, I'd never know there was such a mythos surrounding the spear until all this. Also, I really liked Constantine. The color work was great in the movie and the little touches really made the movie for me. We also watched a spate of Van Damme movies, but hey. =) I got to see some of her paintings which I really liked. She's good at 'em. And they're pretty! And I dig creative work that comes from my friends, period. We'll have to do it again, wingedpixi, k?

And while I was gone, ellisande decided to visit puddleflood. Would have been nice to know before I went for sure since we could have saved a bit of drivingness since they both lie easterly. Ah well. She returned this morning, is sleeping now, and was glowing. So I guess that means she had a good time. :)

I'm all out of blither now, I think. Just waiting to get tired, or noonish to roll around, since I have to be up by 8 p.m. for work tonight.
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