March 3rd, 2005


Remember kids...

To take out the conditioner from your hair before exiting your shower. Thankfully, I noticed...but by then I had dried off (except my hair fully) and I went to take a comb through my hair.

Stupid me. :P

Um. I got new tires on the car. It doesn't need needed new tires!! It drives nicer now, yay.

I also went to the eye doctor. He had neat tests. I played a video game to test eye vision. Woo. Anyways. He was impressed by the people who've done my lazy eye surgeries, he said that he wouldn't have known (before he looked) unless I had said. I bought new glasses from the helpful, cute, and quirky lady who was minding the shop. So soon I'll have new glasses and lens. There will be pictures to test sexy factor.

Got denied for my credit limit increase. Everyone I know irl today has been in a bitchy mood. I'm not really an exception to this either. Don't know why I've been

Maybe because I've spent crazy money lately? Who knows.

I spent a few hours this morning playing WoW on Bri's account. Annoyances: I can't seem to find a way to hold my hands on one place (i.e. on the kb, and one on the mouse) and interact with the environment and be able to have access to everything. Also, there's very little quest satisfaction, which on a MUD, I can overlook, but on a graphical environment can kinda be....I dunno. wearing. But all that aside, I really like the scope of the world and even enjoyed playing it, though I'm seriously annoyed to have my own account I have to buy my own media copy. Why? I don't need the media. Note to Blizzard: Razor and Blade model. Summary: For now, I enjoyed playing it. I mostly want to become a sufficiently high level so that I can explore the world without molestation. I just want to enjoy the scope of the place.

I can't wait for the day that computers become powerful enough for ray tracing on the fly. Mmm, photorealistic environments. That would be good. Yah.

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