March 2nd, 2005


I saw a beautiful thing today.

And it made me take stock in the relative annoyance of my life at that moment in time. So it was good. For those curious, it was a fractal pattern on my windshield. Or, more accurately, it was water crystallizing into ice. This morning was icky icky driving conditions and even though it wasn't snowing anymore, the water that was being kicked up by other cars was hitting my windshield, and even with the heater going full heat, full blast on it, it was freezing near instantaneously. Wiping it off with wipers didn't work without also using mist, cause if you didn't, you just got smear. The mist helped clear it, but as I said. Instant freeze. It was still pretty to watch. An entire universe, microscopic, created and destroyed all in the instant of one pass of my windshield wipers.

The Summary: I've got five hours of sleep since noon yesterday. Then the neighbors were stupid music loud. Decided this would be a good time to take car to the shop for its morning appointment. (thank you quinby!!!!) Came back, finally managed to re pass out for an hour, if that. Mostly due to that at some point neighbors turned off music. Got up, went to work. Only had to work for 3? maybe 4 hours of last night, spent the rest of the night reading sourcebooks to somewhat prep for Friday, even if I already have most of what I want to do (if we get to it) planned out as much as I can. This was relaxing, and I need more moments of relaxation. Then, have to take my mother to the hospital in the morning. So we go do that. My grandmother would also like to go to the doctors tomorrow morning if that would be convenient. Of course it is Grandmother, I love you, and you have valid reasons. My mother; however, at this point, is beginning to annoy me. I also have to go get her *back* from work in 3 hours. Ugh. But I'm digressing from my timeline. :P Mom at hospital. It takes for fucking ever cause my mother didn't follow their instructions. Or rather, she followed them too literally. I suppose that's fair, but annoying when you've been up all night and have stuff you'd like to do. Like sleep. Maybe. If the world will get off up your back. I could have went back to the house while my mom waited at the hospital, took grandma to her appointment (it's a weekly blood draw, she can schedule whenever, it takes them 5 minutes to do.), took her home, come to my home, got bri, taken her to school, gone back to the hospital where my mom is and STILL HAD WAITING TIME. So. I read more there, but am distracted by nurses and snippets of conversation and remembering when I worked for the group that owns the hospital and wanting to sneak into the surgery wing and see surgeries cause they're neat. Oh. And the need to sleep. So mom gets out, I take her to work, and rather than go home, I go back to my g'rents (my grandma is now too busy with daycare to do the appointment this late in the day.), and do laundry. It comes time to pick up bri. Tell someone to change the last load out for me, then flee. Noise was beginning to get to me. Get Bri. Go to car place, pick up car that cost me 115 dollars, and comes with the recommendation. Get new tires, 2 of them are falling apart, especially the front right. Okay. Fine, I knew it needed tires, but combined with advice and my own 'hey, that rear front sounds like it's going to fall apart.' I think its time to cave. 250 seems to be a decent mid range tire price for all 4, +install and such. I know, cause I called around. smart me. I also called to cancel one credit card that I had finally paid alllll off. And instead of canceling it, they gave me a sweet deal, that if it all goes through, I will take them up on whole heartedly. apr: 9%, bal trans: 3% till paid in full. part of deal waiting for is the credit limit raise. If so, will transfer all money off other 2 cards to this one, cancel the one through chase, whom I soundly despise at this point in time, may keep the Providian one because 1) I like their website and 2) if I call to cancel and they give me a good deal, I'll take it so that I can have a 'backup'. If they don't raise my limit, I'll just keep this around for a while...then cancel. :P Just got off the phone with the HR rep for my new place of employment, who amazingly enough, I've never had to talk to before. And I don't know if I like her. She made me want to go crawl in a hole. :( She did answer my questions tho. And that's the important part, I think.

Yet to do today: Pick up my mother. Sleep. Possible things to do today: Get new tires, call Pearlvision to set up eye appointment and new glasses and such (Appt at 7p.m. tommorrow. I feel so grown up now. I'm using *real* insurance. YAY). Also, get books on hold at library.

I feel like today won't stop coming, but at least I feel productive.

Okay, additional things requested by lakos and done for my newly improved web server. Along the way I found out that selinux and samba aren't playing nice. I've got selinux running policy (targeted or strict, I don't remember) for httpd. I'm all for security up to a point. I mean, my web server hardly holds confidential data, I don't need to chroot the damn thing. Anyways. Um. Obviously apache servers my files from my user content directory. yay, that works as it should. If I create a document on a shell prompt, permissions are set fine for both nix and selinux. To make life easier, since my web server and my home computers are all on the same network, I've got my user directory as a samba share that can only be accessed by internal networks. Yay for iptables. But the permissions of files created that way have selinux thinking they're root user objects. *bangs head against desk* Samba has to authenticate too, so why the fuck!

YAARG. And don't get me started on fonts in Linux. OMFG. I know these things are getting better, but I don't care what anyone tells you, there are some things that Microsoft has legs up on the competition in. Security not being one of them. Fonts and interface intuitiveness are however.

I was going to write an opinion about some recent news articles. Namely the, we won't issue death penalty for juveniles. I'll sum up my entire opinion this way, 'What a fucking crackpot load of bullshit.' No wonder we have more crime than any other nation in the world. And more public lewdness and drunkenness and accidents and lazy fucking bastards.

Oh, and there's also someone saying some really STUPID things about religion in the US. Granted, part of what they're saying has a point. But. As much as y'all would like to think, America is not a land of cultural diversity in the political strata. How many Hindus do you know hold important government positions?...yeah, that's what I thought. Why would you think our legal system would be any different. Have you read the constitution lately? Or any of the founding documents? Hello. They were Christians. Protestant Christians, if I remember all the stupid divisions correctly. Favour one race? no. Favour a religion? Hell yes. They do. You cannot excise it from government, unless you feel like altering our founding fathers intentions and written words.

MORONS. And I'm an agnostic, with horribly leanings towards scientific atheism. So take that how you may, journal mine. I'm all for attempting change to level the playing field, but I don't think this is the way to go about it by taking it to court. Oh yeah. The court has an image of Moses accepting the fucking tablet.

And it's a court case about the commandments in public buildings. Read last capitalized word again, just for the fun of it.
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