February 5th, 2005


And the PS2 makes the finish line.

So ellisande kept the PS2 she had been gifted. I had no idea the new PS2's were so tiny. My god! So the old, quasi-broken PS has been removed, PS2 put in its place. Yay for technology. While working with cables for install, I realized that for some reason my DVD/VCR was not attached to the TV with RCA inputs, but with coax. I don't have any RCA cables to remedy this (now), but I'm surprised I did this originally.

Anyways. PS2 now connected with RCA to TV. 3 controllers, 3 memory cards...all PS1 games. :)

That reminds me, lakos, do we have any of your PS FF games? Here's what we have now: FF8 & 9 (which ellisande knows are hers.), Origins, Anthology and Chronicles...

Now I'm going to thief my spy hunter, spy hunter 2, and tekken tag back. And maybe go crazy with the DDR.

Oh, in other cable related news, I just want a working webcam. K? Thx, bye.
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My mother is a kook.

She just told me via yahoo that my g'rents would be on this side of town soon, so that I could give them back their spiffy vacuum cleaner without making a trip across town to return it. Very nice! So she ended the conversation with , 'I love you, bye.' then not a heartbeat after that, said, 'I didn't mean that to be flirty.'

No shit ma. Your my mother!

So. What to do today...
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