February 1st, 2005



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So. I bought myself a digicam. *pets it* I broke my own rule, but its my rule, so if anyone can break it, I can. :) I'm debating buying these accessories but haven't yet. This means more random pictures of me might abound. Specially of me and my sweaters.

I reorganized my Scrapbook because I added some schoolbook pictures that Lisa wanted scanned. Well, really she only wanted the one scanned so she could print it (which regardless of her printer being a jackdolt, it didn't turn out too bad, though I think you can tell I lightened it up when it prints and you hold them side by side. Yargh on differences between print media and screens. ;) but I wanted the others as references when I mention her children. This was all before my digicam, so now it's not as important. But anyways. Enjoy. I most certainly had a time of it...took me nearly all day to get them printed out at her house due to internet issues. At least I got to hang out with her children, share fashion tips. Blair swears I shop better than she does. *snickers* Not sure how to take it when a 16 year cheerleader says that to me. :) And Chuck is going to give me this old portable computer (you know, it has a 5 and quarter on the side of it?) he found at work. YAY!

Finished phloxin's game. It was uberfun, the end. Drow gets to hang up stuffed angel. Woohoo. I also metagamed and stole a succubus and a nymph. Just cause it'd be fun. :P

My mother. Oh god she is going to drive me nuts. Then again, if I wasn't so accommodating, I wouldn't have these problems. But anyways. She now has a new TV (which I'm only vaguely jealous for.) which is really nice (well, 27" stereo TV. Not like kunzite1's dad's new TV). I had to (okay, wanted) to rewire her dvd/vcr/satellite tho, since this TV is modern and has things like component video and such. After figuring out that not only on this TV was there an input for input 2 *AND* input 2-component (how f* stupid, cause one shows component video black and white, the other doesn't) it wasn't too bad. She was amazed at the difference of using the satellite's rca output (had to because the vcr doesn't support anything higher than rca like svideo and she wants to be able to record TV stuff) vs the old coax. Hell, so was I. :P So after training her how to use the new TV's remote for all her entertainment applications, I left and was late to work. I kept telling myself the digicam (which was bought while I was out getting her component video cables) was my consolation. If they hadn't have taken nearly 15 minutes to clear up that yes indeed I got a free memory card, I might have even made it to work on time. Anyways.

I hung up my DVD rack finally. I suck at altering furniture, just so you know. But it hangs now, on the side of the entertainment stand. Wee.

This random fire entry is now done, I think. I'm just not coherent to communicate in fashion today. Maybe will try nap before work tonight. Speaking of work, they gave me an application for like, full time real employment status. I can only hope this means an increase in pay, or maybe someone in HR going, 'he's way too overqualified, but we could use him over here'...I know this is a dream. But it's my dream. There are times when I'm just one step away from saying, 'Okay. Bidding on me is open. Place your bids for Jeff's presence in your city, today.' because everything else...

I'm just not sure if I can handle this...
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